Extended Data Figure 8 : Distribution of cellular states in distinct genetic clones of MGH36 and MGH97.

From: Single-cell RNA-seq supports a developmental hierarchy in human oligodendroglioma

Extended Data Figure 8

a, Stemness (y axis) and lineage (x axis) score plots for MGH36 (top) and MGH97 (bottom), each separated into clone 1 (left) and clone 2 (right) as determined by CNV analysis (Fig. 1a, b). Cycling cells are coloured as in Fig. 3, with G1/S cells in blue, S/G2 cells in green, and G2/M cells in red. b, Colour-coded density of cells across the cellular hierarchy as shown in Fig. 2e, for the two clones (left: clone 1, right: clone 2) in each of the two tumours (top: MGH36, bottom: MGH97). c, The fraction of cells assigned to the different tumour compartments (y axis, Methods) based on either single-cell RNA-seq (blue) or RNA in situ hybridization (orange). Circles denote individual tumours; squares denote average of all tumours; error bars denote standard deviation across tumours, showing general agreement between scRNA-Seq and IHC estimates.