Extended Data Figure 7 : X-ray linear dichroic spectroscopy of the Fe L2,3 edge.

From: Atomically engineered ferroic layers yield a room-temperature magnetoelectric multiferroic

Extended Data Figure 7

a, b, The X-ray adsorption spectra for in-plane (blue) and out-of-plane (red) linearly polarized radiation are plotted in the top panels for the (LuFeO3)9/(LuFe2O4)1 (a) and (LuFeO3)1/(LuFe2O4)3 (b) superlattices at 300 K. The difference between the normalized spectra (black, bottom panels) is also plotted for each case. For the (LuFeO3)9/(LuFe2O4)1 sample, the peak dichroism is about 40% whereas the peak dichroism is only about 20% for the (LuFeO3)1/(LuFe2O4)3 superlattice.