Extended Data Table 2: Decadal trends of the annual sea-ice freshwater fluxes and their uncertainties over the period 1982–2008

From: Sea-ice transport driving Southern Ocean salinity and its recent trends

Table 2
  1. Positive numbers indicate a freshwater flux trend into the ocean or a northward transport trend (1 mSv per decade = 103 m3 s−1 per decade). The final uncertainty estimate (95% confidence level) stems from the standard error of the slope of the regression line (Δse), filtering of high-frequency temporal noise (Δt), variations of the zero freshwater flux line (ΔA), sea-ice concentration (Δc), sea-ice thickness (Δh), sea-ice drift (Δu) and the freshwater conversion factor (ΔCfw), respectively. Bold numbers indicate a significance of at least 90% confidence using Student’s t-test. See Methods for details. See Fig. 2 for the definition of the regions.