Extended Data Figure 5 : Time series and regions of annual northward sea-ice freshwater transport.

From: Sea-ice transport driving Southern Ocean salinity and its recent trends

Extended Data Figure 5

ac, Transport from the coastal ocean to the open ocean region in the Southern Ocean (a), Atlantic sector (b) and Pacific sector (c). d, Transport across latitude bands in the Atlantic (69.5° S) and Pacific (71° S) sectors. Orange indicates transport estimates if temporal inhomogeneities were not accounted for. Blue shows homogeneous years only. Green represents homogenized time series. Years that have been corrected or removed are shaded in grey. Straight lines show the linear regressions for the periods 1982–2008 (dashed orange and green), 1982–1986 (solid orange) and 1988–2008 (homogeneous years only; solid blue). See Methods for details. e, Regions used for the evaluation of the sea-ice freshwater fluxes. Turquoise shading indicates the area south of the coastal Ross Sea flux gate13,36,66. Dark blue shading highlights the area south of the coastal Weddell Sea flux gate13. Purple lines are the 69.5° S latitude band in the Atlantic sector and the 71° S latitude band in the Pacific sector. The black line shows the smoothed mean zero sea-ice-ocean freshwater flux line that divides the coastal and open ocean regions (see Methods). The thick grey line shows the mean sea-ice edge (1% sea-ice concentration) and the green lines mark basin boundaries.