Extended Data Figure 6 : Trends of the net annual freshwater fluxes associated with sea ice over the period 1982–2008 if temporal inhomogeneities in the sea-ice drift data were not considered.

From: Sea-ice transport driving Southern Ocean salinity and its recent trends

Extended Data Figure 6

a, b, Linear trends in the meridional sea-ice freshwater transport (a) and the net sea-ice–ocean freshwater flux from freezing and melting (b). The arrows in a denote the trend of the annual transport vectors. Stippled trends are significant at the 90% confidence level using Student’s t-test (Methods). Thick black lines show the zero sea-ice–ocean freshwater flux line used to divide the coastal from the open ocean regions; the thin black lines mark the continental shelf (1,000 m isobath) the grey lines show the sea-ice edge (1% sea-ice concentration) and the green lines indicate the basin boundaries.