Extended Data Figure 9 : Correlation between resolution of the Mfd–RNAP intermediate and loss of fluorescent signal from labelled RNAP or Mfd in the NanoCOSM assay.

From: Reconstruction of bacterial transcription-coupled repair at single-molecule resolution

Extended Data Figure 9

We plot the time elapsed between loss of fluorescence signal from (a) fluorescent RNAP or (b) fluorescent Mfd and nanomechanical resolution of the Mfd–RNAP intermediate as observed in the magnetic trap, as shown in Fig. 3a, b. In both cases the vast majority of events are correlated as shown by the fact that loss of fluorescence and nanomechanical resolution of the intermediate temporally coincide (that is, the time between the two events is nil). Loss of fluorescence before nanomechanical resolution (that is, indicated as positive times) is most probably due to spontaneous photobleaching of the DY-549 fluorophore used to label proteins. No significant difference is observed between DNA substrates bearing a CPD or bearing a C-less cassette.