Extended Data Table 5: Allele counts at SNPs affected by selection in individuals with >1-fold coverage

From: The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Table 5
  1. rs4988235 is responsible for lactase persistence in Europe60,61. The SNPs at SLC24A5 and SLC45A2 are responsible for light skin pigmentation. The SNP at EDAR62,63 affects tooth morphology and hair thickness. The SNP at HERC2 (refs 64, 65) is the primary determinant of light eye colour in present-day Europeans. We present the fraction of fragments overlapping each SNP that are derived; the observation of a low rate of derived alleles does not prove that the individual carried the allele, and instead may reflect sequencing error or ancient DNA damage. Sites highlighted in light grey were judged (based on the derived allele count) likely to be heterozygous for the derived allele, and dark grey sites are likely to be homozygous.