Extended Data Figure 4 : Three admixture graph models that fit the data for Satsurblia, an Upper Palaeolithic individual from the Caucasus.

From: The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Extended Data Figure 4

These models use 127,057 SNPs covered in all populations. Estimated genetic drifts are given along the solid lines in units of f2-distance (parts per thousand), and estimated mixture proportions are given along the dotted lines. All three models provide a fit to the allele frequency correlation data among Mbuti, Ust’-Ishim, Kostenki14, Vestonice16, Malta1, ElMiron and Satsurblia to within the limits of our resolution, in the sense that all empirical f2-, f3- and f4-statistics relating the individuals are within three standard errors of the expectation of the model. Models in which Satsurblia is treated as unadmixed cannot be fit.