Extended Data Figure 3 : Studying how the relatedness of non-European populations to pairs of European hunter-gatherers changes over time.

From: The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Extended Data Figure 3

Statistics were examined of the form D(W, X; Y, Mbuti), with the Z-score given on the y axis, where W is an early European hunter-gatherer, X is another European hunter-gatherer (in chronological order on the x axis), and Y is a non-European population (see legend). a, W = Kostenki14. b, W = GoyetQ116-1. c, W = Vestonice16. d, W = ElMiron. |Z| > 3 scores are considered statistically significant (horizontal line). The similar Fig. 4b gives absolute D-statistic values rather than Z-scores (for W = Kostenki14) and uses pooled regions rather than individual populations Y.