Extended Data Figure 9 : Control experiments for aged mice.

From: A shared neural ensemble links distinct contextual memories encoded close in time

Extended Data Figure 9

a, Design for experiment of recall for single contextual experience. b, There was no difference in reactivation of cells between young and old mice during recall (unpaired t-test, t6 = 0.59, not significant, n = 4, 4 mice). c, Design for experiment with single context pre-exposure in young and old mice. d, There was no difference in freezing behaviour to exposures of a single context (unpaired t-test, t29 = 0.24, not significant, n = 16, 15 mice). e, Design for replication of TetTag experiment in old mice. f, There was no difference in the levels of overlapping ensembles between the 5 h and 7 day groups (unpaired t-test, t6 = 0.06, not significant, n = 3, 5 mice). Results show mean ± s.e.m.