Extended Data Table 2: Characteristics of sequences obtained after mtDNA enrichment

From: Nuclear DNA sequences from the Middle Pleistocene Sima de los Huesos hominins

Table 3
  1. Extracts and sample libraries and their related controls were generated in three independent experiments as indicated. Provided are the total number of sequences generated from each library, the number of sequences ≥30 bp, the number of sequences ≥30 bp that could be mapped to the revised Cambridge reference sequence, the number of sequences remaining after duplicate removal and the average number of sequences collapsed into unique sequences during duplicate removal. Putatively deaminated fragments were identified by C to T substitutions at the terminal alignment positions, the frequency of which is denoted. Estimates of present-day human contamination and the respective 95% binomial confidence intervals were determined on the basis of the percentage of sharing of human-derived alleles (compare Extended Data Fig. 1). Previously published data from femur XIII (library A2021) are included for comparison.