Extended Data Figure 4 : SAMMSON does not regulate MITF expression in cis.

From: Melanoma addiction to the long non-coding RNA SAMMSON

Extended Data Figure 4

a, Relative expression of MITF as determined by microarray gene expression profiling in the indicated melanoma cell lines treated with GapmeR3 (SAMMSON knockdown) (n > 3) or expressing exogenous SAMMSON (n = 4); no significant differences in MITF expression were observed (limma, Benjamini–Hochberg adjusted P > 0.05), except in MM034, in which SAMMSON knockdown resulted in a 1.5-fold downregulation of MITF (limma, Benjamini–Hochberg adjusted P = 0.013). b, Validation of the array data in a by qPCR for SAMMSON (left) and MITF-M (right) in all the cell lines used for the arrays. Expression is relative to three different housekeeping genes. The graph shows an average of three different biological replicas ± s.e.m. The MITF-M protein levels were assessed by western blotting (bottom; for gel source data, see Supplementary Fig. 1).