Extended Data Table 1: Summary of Antarctic contributions to GMSL during the Pliocene, LIG, future centuries, and future millennia

From: Contribution of Antarctica to past and future sea-level rise

Table 1
  1. Antarctic contributions to GMSL for the Pliocene and LIG simulations (rows 1–9) with +2 °C ocean warming in the Pliocene and incrementally imposed ocean warming in the LIG simulations. Values shown represent ice retreat at the end of quasi-equilibrated 5000-yr simulations. Time-continuous LIG simulations forced by proxy-based atmosphere and ocean climatologies (rows 10–12) list maximum GMSL contributions occurring early in the LIG (Fig. 3a). The remaining rows list Antarctic contributions to GMSL at specific times (years as shown) in time-dependent future simulations. Ensemble means and standard deviations (1σ) of the RCP ensemble members listed in Extended Data Table 2 are also shown. Future GMSL contributions are shown relative to 2000.