Extended Data Figure 8 : Synteny conservation between the genomic regions containing Nkx2.1/2.4 among gnathostomes and L. japonicum.

From: Evidence from cyclostomes for complex regionalization of the ancestral vertebrate brain

Extended Data Figure 8

Numbered boxes represent single protein-coding genes; all the genes used for synteny analysis and the given numbers are listed in Extended Data Table 1. Colours of boxes are as follows: red, Nkx2-1/2-4 orthologue; orange, Nkx2-2/2-8 orthologue; grey, a gene showing high sequence similarity to two gnathostome ohnologues as a result of the TBLASTN search. The green line represents orthology between the neighbouring vertebrate genomes, whereas the purple line indicates a paralogous relationship of each gene among the lamprey genome scaffolds. At present, there are no descriptions of chicken NKX2-4 (nor in birds) and we have not been able to find it. This putative lack is marked by a question mark.