In this Letter, one image was mistakenly duplicated during preparation of the artwork. In the original Fig. 3d, the left image illustrating migration of RCC4 cells transduced with empty adenovirus (EV) at 24 h is a duplicate of the middle image showing migration of RCC4 cells transduced with an adenovirus encoding Mi-WT. The corrected images and migration graph are shown in Fig. 1 of this Corrigendum. This correction does not alter any of the conclusions, and the authors apologize for any confusion this may have caused. Nature has not received a response from the following authors to approve this Corrigendum: V.M., T.M.-D., A.Ro., P.B., E.C. and V.C., and C. Becuwe., J.-L.B., J.C.-B., S.D., C.D., J.L., and K.M. from The French Familial Melanoma Study Group (L.D. is deceased).

Figure 1: This is the corrected Fig. 3d of the original Letter.
Figure 1

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  1. The French Familial Melanoma Study Group


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