Nature 512, 400–405 (2014); doi:10.1038/nature13497

In this Article, when processing C. elegans ChIP-seq libraries, the gene label ZK337.2 (KLU-1, a C2H2 Zn-finger protein) was mis-transcribed to ZK377.2 (SAX-3), a neuronal fate regulator. To clarify, ZK337.2 (KLU-1) is not an established neuronal fate regulator, but joins FKH-10 and C34F6.9 as an unstudied gene grouped with previously established neuronal regulators (SEM-4, MAB-5, CES-1 and ZAG-1). This error affects Figs 1g and 2, Extended Data Figs 3–7 and 10, and Supplementary Tables 1 and 4 of the original Article. In addition, KLU-1, not SAX-3, changes from neuronal targets in L2 larvae to carbohydrate/lipid metabolism targets in L4 larvae.