Extended Data Figure 9 : Diverse functional connections between KCs and a MBON.

From: Plasticity-driven individualization of olfactory coding in mushroom body output neurons

Extended Data Figure 9

a, Another example of a monosynaptically connected pair of α/β KC and the α2sc neuron from experiments shown in Fig. 4. a1, Sample traces of simultaneously recorded KC (Pre) and the α2sc neuron (Post). a2, The α2sc neuron’s membrane potential spike-trigger-averaged on the first KC spike of each trial. Raster plot of the KC spikes is shown below. a3, Enlarged spike- trigger-averaged EPSPs for the first, second and third spikes in the train. b, A pair with small excitatory connection that we could not confirm as monosynaptic. In total, two of such pairs were found. c, A pair with an inhibitory connection, which is likely to be polysynaptic. Only one such pair was found. d, Summary of all five monosynaptically connected pairs. The spike-trigger-averaged EPSPs from the first spike in the train from five different recordings are shown overlaid in grey. The mean across cells is shown in red.