Extended Data Figure 10 : Site-specific detection of m6A modification on HSPA1A.

From: Dynamic m6A mRNA methylation directs translational control of heat shock response

Extended Data Figure 10

a, Sequences of HSPA1A template and the DNA primer used for site-specific detection. Synthesized mRNAs containing a single m6A site (red) or A (blue) are used as positive and negative controls, respectively. The red shading in the HSPA1A sequence indicates predicted m6A sites. Autoradiogram shows primer extension of controls (left panel) and endogenous HSPA1A (right panel). b, Fluc mRNAs with or without m6A incorporation were incubated in the rabbit reticulocyte lysate system (RRL) at 30 °C for up to 60 min. Messenger RNA levels were determined by qPCR. Error bars, mean ± s.e.m.; n = 3 biological replicates.