Extended Data Figure 2 : Glycine dose–response to GlyRα3cryst in HEK293T cells.

From: Crystal structure of human glycine receptor-α3 bound to antagonist strychnine

Extended Data Figure 2

Glycine dose–response curve for BacMam baculovirus-transduced HEK293T cells expressing either wild-type human GlyRα3 (GlyRα3, filled circles) or GlyRα3cryst (open circles) measured by membrane potential dye assay (see Methods for details). Each data point represents a value of n = 4–6 and normalized to a maximum glycine response observed at 2 mM glycine concentration. Glycine EC50 for GlyRα3 was calculated at 150 ± 10.6 µM (n = 4, 95% confidence interval) and GlyRα3cryst at 16.4 ± 1.2 µM (n = 5, 95% confidence interval).