Extended Data Figure 2 : Intermodel comparisons.

From: Broad plumes rooted at the base of the Earth's mantle beneath major hotspots

Extended Data Figure 2

These comparisons correspond to Fig. 1e, f, presented in a similar manner to those in Extended Data Fig. 1. We again find that models SEMUCB-WM1, S40RTS, PRI-S05, HMSL-S06 and GyPSuM are broadly compatible with each other at long wavelengths. However, in the lower mantle, the plumes beneath both Cape Verde and Canary are more clearly defined as well isolated vertical conduits in SEMUCB-WM1. Furthermore, while we do observe some degree of correspondence between the two plumes imaged in SEMUCB-WM1 and some anomalies also present in PRI-S05 or HMSL (for example, the plume root at the CMB beneath Cape Verde, or the lateral translation of the plume around 1,000 km beneath Canary), the unambiguously columnar nature of the anomalies imaged in SEMUCB-WM1 stands in stark contrast.