Extended Data Table 4 Polygenic risk profiling and binomial sign tests

From: Sparse whole-genome sequencing identifies two loci for major depressive disorder

  1. The table shows the predictive value of a PGC-trained polygenic risk score on the CONVERGE results. Predictive values are shown at varying P value thresholds (pT) from P ≤ 1 × 10−6 to 1 (that is, all results). P is the P value of the prediction and r2 is the amount of variance explained (thus the table shows that including all independent SNPs from the PGC study of MDD, irrespective of individual P value, explained 0.09% of MDD risk in CONVERGE.). The number of independent SNPs at each threshold is presented (No. SNPs); the significance of the observed fraction (%) demonstrating a consistent direction of effect was assessed by a one-sided binomial sign test.