Extended Data Figure 9 : Raw QCM recording data.

From: Competitive binding of antagonistic peptides fine-tunes stomatal patterning

Extended Data Figure 9

Shown are raw recording data of frequency shifts for representative QCM analysis using biosensor chips immobilized with ER(ΔK)–GFP and GFP (a, b, inset) after sequential injection of active Stomagen (a, c), mEPF2 (b), non-folding, inactive mutant Stomagen (c, inset), or LURE2 (d) in increasing concentrations. Bioactive Stomagen and inactive Stomagen experiments in c were performed side by side. Arrows indicate time of additional peptide application. Numbers of experiments performed for each analysis: Stomagen–ER, n = 3; Stomagen–TMM, n = 2; Stomagen–GFP, n = 3; mEPF2–ER, n = 2; mEPF2–TMM, n = 3; mEPF2–GFP, n = 2; inactive Stomagen_C6→S–ER, n = 3; and LURE2–ER, n = 2.