Extended Data Table 2: Data at 12 Gyr for models of Z = 0.0005, [α/Fe] = 0.2

From: Rapidly rotating second-generation progenitors for the ‘blue hook’ stars of ω Centauri

Table 2
  1. We list some important quantities from our isochrones of 12 Gyr, metallicity Z = 0.0005 and [α/Fe] = 0.2. Column 1 shows the helium mass fraction Y; column 2 shows the evolving mass at the tip of the red giant branch (no mass loss); column 3 shows the minimum ‘standard’ horizontal branch mass; column 4 shows the core mass in M, when the helium flash is ignited at the tip of the red giant branch; column 5 shows the mass for which we have late-flash mixing; column 6 shows the core mass for the late-flash–mixed model; and column 7 shows the mass loss needed to achieve late-flash mixing. All masses are in solar units.