Extended Data Table 1: Range in magnitude F225W for M = 0.466M, Mc = 0.463M

From: Rapidly rotating second-generation progenitors for the ‘blue hook’ stars of ω Centauri

Table 1
  1. For each initial envelope starting hydrogen abundance Xenv-in (column 1), we give F225W band values of late-flash–mixed models at the zero-age horizontal branch ZAHB (column 2), at the maximum luminosity (column 3) and at the terminal point (column 4) (defined as the model in which the core helium abundance becomes zero), and the magnitude interval spanned by each model (column 5) and by a mixture (column 6). The mass of the model is 0.466M, with an envelope mass of 0.003M, so the model core mass is 0.463M.