Extended Data Figure 7 : Histamine injection controls.

From: Thermosensory processing in the Drosophila brain

Extended Data Figure 7

In these experiments the LexA driver (Gr28b.d-LexA) was omitted, but otherwise the experimental protocol was the same as in Fig. 2e, f and Fig. 3e–g. After histamine was injected into the antenna, there was little effect on the thermal responses of warm-PNs or warm-cool-PNs. a, Recordings from warm-PNs (n = 5). Genotype is LexAOp-HA-Ort/+;GMR95C02-Gal4,pJFRC2-10XUAS-IVS-mCD8::GFP. b, Recordings from warm–cool-PNs (n = 4). Genotype is LexAOp-HA-Ort/+;GMR54A03-Gal4,pJFRC2-10XUAS-IVS-mCD8::GFP.