Figure 2 : Time series of GMSL for the period 1900–2010.

From: Probabilistic reanalysis of twentieth-century sea-level rise

Figure 2

Shown are estimates of GMSL based on KS (blue line), GPR (black line), Church and White4 (magenta line) and Jevrejeva et al.3 (red line). Shaded regions show ±1σ pointwise uncertainty. Inset, trends for 1901–90 and 1993–2010, and accelerations, all with 90% CI. Confidence intervals for Church and White4 are from refs 7 and 23. Confidence intervals were not available for Jevrejeva et al.3; data in this reference ends in 2002, so the rate quoted here for 1993–2010 is actually for 1993–2002. Since the GPR methodology outputs decadal sea level, no trend is estimated for 1993–2010. Accelerations are consistently estimated from the KS, GPR, and GMSL time series in refs 3 and 4 (see Methods) from 1901 to the end of each reconstruction.