Figure 1 : Species-specific population dynamics.

From: How vector mosquitoes beat the heat

Figure 1

Dao et al.2 find that average population densities of Anopheles coluzzii and Anopheles gambiae sensu stricto (s.s.) mosquitoes fluctuate seasonally in predictable but distinct patterns. In the wet season, when mosquito breeding sites are abundant and the climate is favourable, densities of both species are high, although A. coluzzii achieves its peak population density substantially earlier than A. gambiae s.s. does. In the dry season, the A. gambiae s.s. population disappears and is not found again until the next wet season, with a slow increase in population density that lags behind that of A. coluzzii. By contrast, the A. coluzzii population remains in the area during the dry season, but cannot be sampled while the insects are hidden in unknown shelters, leading to apparent troughs. Their emergence from those shelters for two short periods during the dry season is reflected by two peaks in the data.