Corrigendum | Published:

Corrigendum: Ultraviolet radiation accelerates BRAF-driven melanomagenesis by targeting TP53

Nature volume 519, page 118 (05 March 2015) | Download Citation

Nature 511, 478–482 (2014); doi:10.1038/nature13298

In Fig. 4b of this letter, we made an error transcribing the sequence of the read. The trace itself is correct and demonstrates the presence of the H39Y mutation in Trp53, but the transcribed sequence should have been ‘CACCTNACTGC’ instead of ‘CACCANACATC’. Note, however, that the corresponding sequence in Supplementary Table 3 is correct. Figure 1 of this corrigendum shows the corrected Fig. 4b.

Figure 1: This figure shows the corrected Fig. 4b of the original Letter.
Figure 1

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