Extended Data Figure 5 : Jahn-Teller axes on Mn1D and Mn4A.

From: Native structure of photosystem II at 1.95 Å resolution viewed by femtosecond X-ray pulses

Extended Data Figure 5

The ligand environments of Mn1D and Mn4A are drawn in a stereo view. Based on the longer ligand bonds involving the O5 coordination as shown in Extended Data Fig. 4a, d, two possible Jahn–Teller axes were assigned which are approximately parallel. Colour codes are the same as those in Extended Data Fig. 4. Light blue lines indicate two Jahn–Teller axes found in the OEC in the S1 state. a, View direction almost orthogonally oriented relative to the two Jahn–Teller axes. b, View direction rotated by 90° from a.