Extended Data Figure 1 : Diffraction experiment using the XFEL beam at SACLA.

From: Native structure of photosystem II at 1.95 Å resolution viewed by femtosecond X-ray pulses

Extended Data Figure 1

a, Schematic drawing of the diffraction experiment. Still diffraction images were recorded from different points on large PSII crystals. The crystals were rotated by 0.2° between each image over a range of 180°. Adjacent irradiation points were separated by 50 µm in the horizontal direction for any rotational angle. Translation in the vertical direction was varied depending on the rotational angle, so that the irradiation points were also separated by 50 µm in the vertical direction. b, A picture of the PSII crystal in a cryo-loop after the XFEL diffraction experiment. Note that the path where the XFEL beam passed through became hollowed out, and resulted in footprints of the irradiation points, which were well separated.