Extended Data Table 1: Characteristics of additional gene expression data sets analysed in the present study

From: Radial glia require PDGFD–PDGFRβ signalling in human but not mouse neocortex

Table 1
  1. Unsupervised gene co-expression analysis was performed for each data set using the same parameters, followed by unbiased enrichment analysis with the FACS mRG gene set (Supplementary Table 2 and Extended Data Fig. 1). For BrainSpan RNA-seq data see also (http://www.brainspan.org/rnaseq/search/index.html). ‘mRG enrichment P value’ denotes the P value (Fisher’s exact test) for the module with the most significant enrichment in each data set. ABI: Allen Institute for Brain Science; CTX, cortex; E, embryonic; FACS, fluorescence-activated cell sorting; GW, gestational week; LMD, laser-microdissection; Macro, macrodissection; OR, odds ratio (95% confidence interval).