Extended Data Figure 7 : PDGFD is expressed by neocortical RG during neurogenesis in humans but not mice.

From: Radial glia require PDGFD–PDGFRβ signalling in human but not mouse neocortex

Extended Data Figure 7

a, In situ hybridization of PDGFD in GW14.5, 16.5, 17.3 and 18.2 human neocortex demonstrates consistent expression in RG across multiple ages (scale bar, 200 μm). b, In situ hybridization of Pdgfd in E14.5 mouse (Eurexpress20: http://www.eurexpress.org/ee/) demonstrates lack of expression (scale bar, 500 μm). c, To demonstrate the lack of Pdgfd expression in mouse neocortex across multiple ages, a pCAG-PDGFD-IG expression plasmid was electroporated into the mouse VZ at E13.5 as an internal positive control and harvested at E14.5, E15.5 or E17.5. At E14.5 and E15.5, Pdgfd (blue signal) is seen only in the electroporated region in the ventricular zone (scale bar, 200 μm; inset scale bar, 50 μm). At E17.5, Pdgfd is in the cortical plate and not in the ventricular zone or anywhere else (scale bar, 500 μm, inset scale bar, 50 μm).