Extended Data Figure 4 : Early splitting of MapZ rings during elongation of wild-type cells.

From: MapZ marks the division sites and positions FtsZ rings in Streptococcus pneumoniae

Extended Data Figure 4

a, Time-lapse images of GFP–MapZ dynamics during cell growth and division showing progressive separation of the outer rings (green arrow) and appearance of a 3rd mid-cell ring (red arrow) (similar to Supplementary Video 1). Time is given in minutes. b, 3D-SIM images showing the very early stages of MapZ separation in the first stages of cell elongation. The numbers correspond to the inter-ring distance (IRD) in nm. c, Cell size distribution of cells with two MapZ rings reveals splitting of MapZ in the early stages of cells elongation. d, Distribution of IRD in cells with two MapZ rings (error bars show s.d. from three experiments). c, d, Data are derived from analysis of 280 cells (n indicates the number of cells analysed in each panel). Images are representative of experiments made in triplicate.