Extended Data Figure 8 : Clock genes expression in whole leaf and vasculature under L/D and continuous light free running conditions.

From: Tissue-specific clocks in Arabidopsis show asymmetric coupling

Extended Data Figure 8

a, Ratio between the amplitude in the vasculature with respect to amplitude in whole leaf extracted from Fig. 4a (V(peak−trough)/W(peak−trough)). Mean ± s.e.m. b, c, TOC1, ELF4 and CCA1 expression under L/D and free running conditions in whole leaves (b) and vasculature (c). Plants were entrained for 5 days and shifted into the continuous light condition for 1 week. ZT, zeitgeber time; CT, circadian time. Mean ± s.d.; n = 3. To validate the robustness of each gene, the highest expression level in each gene in each tissue is set to 1. d, Ratio between the amplitude of TOC1::LUC with respect to the amplitude of TOC1::LUC; SUC2::CCA1 #18 extracted from Fig. 4b. Mean ± s.e.m.