Extended Data Figure 7 : Luciferase complementation assay of TOC1/CaMV35S, TOC1/SUC2, CCA1/CaMV35S, CCA1/SUC2, and CaMV35S/SUC2 TSLA.

From: Tissue-specific clocks in Arabidopsis show asymmetric coupling

Extended Data Figure 7

ac, Real-time monitoring of the luminescence of 10-day-old TOC1/SUC2 TSLA #2 (n = 9) and TOC1/CaMV35S TSLA #4 (n = 12) (a), CCA1/SUC2 TSLA #11 (n = 18) and CCA1/CaMV35S TSLA #1 (n = 12) (b), and CaMV35S/SUC2 TSLA #9 (n = 12) (c) seedlings under L/D or free running conditions. CT, circadian time. Signals after subtraction of background noise are shown. Mean ± s.d.; c.p.s., counts per second; c.p.30S., counts per 30 s. d, Period length of the TSLA lines shown in Fig. 3e, f and Extended Data Fig. 7a, b are calculated using fast Fourier transform non-linear least square analysis (FFT-NLLS)36. Mean ± 95% confidence interval.