Extended Data Figure 1 : AFM and XRD characterization of the films.

From: Artificial chemical and magnetic structure at the domain walls of an epitaxial oxide

Extended Data Figure 1

a, AFM images of the topography of TbMnO3 films with three different thicknesses, showing flat surfaces and the presence of the substrate steps up to a thickness of 85 nm (film thickness is denoted in the left lower corner). b, XRD reciprocal-space maps around the substrate (103) reflection for four different thicknesses. The structural characterization of the films confirms the twin-domain configuration, constant out-of-plane lattice parameter and partial coherence with the substrate of the films used in this study, in agreement with those reported in ref. 17. The axes represent the components of the scattering wavevectors parallel (Kpar) and perpendicular (Kperp) to the film surface in units of 2Ko = 4π/λ, where λ is the X-ray wavelength.