Extended Data Figure 3 : Molar ratios of rMCC, CDC20 and the APC/C in the in vitro ubiquitylation assays.

From: The mitotic checkpoint complex binds a second CDC20 to inhibit active APC/C

Extended Data Figure 3

a, b, Core rMCC and CDC20 from Fig. 1d were analysed by quantitative immunoblotting. CDC20, MAD2 and BUBR1 were analysed by quantitative immunoblotting in the input (a) and in the reaction (b). The black filled circles are unconjugated SBPCDC20; red filled circles are ubiquitylated SBPCDC20. c, Core rMCC, rCDC20, and the APC/C immunoprecipitates used in Fig. 1e, plus a purified SBPAPC3 subunit, were analysed by quantitative immunoblotting with the indicated antibodies. The calculated molar ratios of rMCC, rCDC20 and the APC/C are shown below the panels.