Extended Data Figure 2 : Comparison of rMCC with and without BUB3.

From: The mitotic checkpoint complex binds a second CDC20 to inhibit active APC/C

Extended Data Figure 2

a, b, Preparation of recombinant core MCC with or without BUB3. Insect cells were infected with viruses expressing core MCC components with and without BUB3, and the rMCC was purified by Ni-NTA and streptavidin beads. The complexes were analysed by Coomassie blue (CB) staining (a) and immunoblotting (b). c, Binding to a second 6HisCDC20 of recombinant core MCC with or without BUB3 was performed and analysed as in Fig. 1a. All results are representative of two independent biological replicates.