Extended Data Figure 10 : Loss of microlumen pool upon fusion to overlying skin.

From: Luminal signalling links cell communication to tissue architecture during organogenesis

Extended Data Figure 10

a, Microlumen of maturing organs fuses with the skin and the diffusible content (Fgf3–GFP in green) disappears. Tight junctions marking microlumen and skin borders are revealed by ZO1 immunofluorescence (red). Cartoon displaying the sequence of events (right). Scale bar, 5 µm. b, Kymograph and single time-points from time-lapse imaging of secGFP, nls-tdTomato-expressing embryo. SecGFP signal disappears as microlumen opens (arrowheads in kymograph show opening of microlumina). Scale bars, 200 µm, 5 h. c, Side view of a maturing organ with kinocilia protruding out of the organ (cldnb:lynGFP in green, central cell atoh1a:tdTomato in red). Scale bar, 5 μm.