Extended Data Figure 6 : BAC fgf3:fgf3–GFP rescues FGF loss of function in lateral line.

From: Luminal signalling links cell communication to tissue architecture during organogenesis

Extended Data Figure 6

a, BAC fgf3:fgf3–GFP line showing expression in known Fgf3 expression domains (28 h.p.f.). Scale bar, 200 µm. b, Loss-of-organ deposition phenotype Fgf3/10a morphant embryos (Fgf3/10a MO, upper) is rescued by BAC fgf3:fgf3–GFP transgene (lower). c, Low-magnification image showing Fgf3/10 morphants, with BAC fgf3:fgf3–GFP rescued siblings, distinguished by crystal eye transgene marker (yellow star). Scale bar, 200 µm (b). d, Quantification of rescue by comparing organ counts of WT, fgf3:fgf3–GFP with Fgf3/10 MO background and Fgf3/10a MO alone at 2 d.p.f. (NWT = 9, Nrescue = 13, NFgf3/10a_MO = 14, PWT-rescue = 0.09, Prescue-Fgf3/10a_MO = 1.751 × 10−6).