Extended Data Figure 5 : Co-housing does not alter disease progression in LFD-fed Pstpip2cmo mice.

From: Dietary modulation of the microbiome affects autoinflammatory disease

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Pstpip2cmo mice were treated with a cocktail of broad-spectrum antibiotics in their drinking water. Faecal samples were collected from wild-type (n = 5) and Pstpip2cmo mice that received either regular drinking water (n = 5) or antibiotics water (n = 11) 5–7 weeks later. Prevotella and Flexispira 16S rDNA copy numbers were quantified and normalized to total bacteria. The bar graphs depict the mean ± s.e.m. b, Faecal microbiota from diseased Pstpip2cmo mice was orally transplanted into wild-type mice (Pstpip2cmo microbiota  wild type) and the incidence of inflammatory bone disease in control Pstpip2cmo and faecal transplantation mice was evaluated. c, d, Pstpip2cmo mice were singly housed or co-housed with wild-type (c) or Il1b-deficient Pstpip2cmo (d) mice. Clinical development of bone deformity and arthritic inflammation in hind paws and tails was monitored over time. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001; Student’s t-test.