Extended Data Table 1 CNVs hitting TADA genes

From: Synaptic, transcriptional and chromatin genes disrupted in autism

  1. Count of deletion CNVs inferred from sequence for ASD subjects and those unaffected by ASD. Number of subjects and family status: 849 ASD subjects without family information; 1,467 ASD subjects in families; 2,766 unaffected parents; 319 unaffected siblings of ASD subjects; 373 unaffected subjects without family information. NT, parent a carrier but CNV not transmitted to affected child; Tr-ASD, transmitted to ASD subject from carrier parent; Tr-not-ASD, parent transmits a CNV to an unaffected child.
  2. *No parents in this count were affected; seven parents in the study were affected, none carried a CNV reported in the table and these subjects did not enter the calculation.
  3. †To compute the odds ratio we count the number of affected carriers (a), unaffected carriers (including parents) (b), affected subjects who do not have the CNV (c), and unaffected non-carriers (d). The odds ratio = (ad)/(bc).
  4. ‡One parent transmits the CNV to an affected and unaffected offspring; to obtain the total count of controls with a CNV, subtract one.
  5. §Genes are adjacent in the genome (see Extended Data Fig. 4). For three subjects both genes are affected by the same CNV (1 ASD and 2 unaffected subjects).