Retraction Note: Generation of pluripotent stem cells from adult human testis


Nature 456, 344–349 (2008); doi:10.1038/nature07404 Corrigendum Nature 460, 1044 (2009); doi:10.1038/nature08353 Brief Communication Arising Nature 465, E1 (2010; doi: 10.1038/nature09089)

The authors have provided new data to correct errors presented in this Article. Nature has peer-reviewed all evidence provided by the authors to the editors. The images presented in the original version of the Article made the data appear more robust than newly conducted experiments show. The new data have brought to light that the original conclusions are not as robust as presented in the original paper. Nature does not dispute the main claim that the cells are pluripotent to some level, but the level of proof of pluripotency shown is not in line with regular criteria for such papers in Nature. Consequently, the authors have agreed to retract their manuscript.

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Correspondence to Thomas Skutella.

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The online version of the original article can be found at 10.1038/nature07404

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Conrad, S., Renninger, M., Hennenlotter, J. et al. Retraction Note: Generation of pluripotent stem cells from adult human testis. Nature 512, 338 (2014).

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