Extended Data Table 1: Selection of multi-event mark-recapture models of Antarctic fur seal females at Bird Island based on QAICc (see Methods in the Supplementary Information)

From: Climate change selects for heterozygosity in a declining fur seal population

Table 1
  1. is the amount of temporal process variance in a vital rate accounted for by the relationship with a covariate relative to the sum of sampling and total temporal process variance. Vital rates: survival (), recruitment (α), breeding propensity or fecundity (α), and breeding success (ς). Age classes (superscript): juvenile, ages 0 to 7 (j), and adult, ages 3 to 20+ (a). States (subscript): pre-breeder (P), successful breeder (S), failed breeder (F), and non-breeder (N). Variation: age-specific (A), time-specific (t), homozygosity weighted by locus (H), and Southern Annular Mode (S).