Extended Data Figure 5 : Sensitivity of the strength of viability selection (VS) on homozygosity weighted by locus (HL) to statistical parameters of vital rates describing the survival and fertility functions of integrated projection models.

From: Climate change selects for heterozygosity in a declining fur seal population

Extended Data Figure 5

Panels ad show sensitivity to survival of first-year females (a), pre-breeders of ages 1 to 7 (b), breeders of ages 3 to 7 (c) and breeders of ages 8 or above (d). Panel e shows sensitivity to recruitment (α) and panels f and g show sensitivity to fecundity for ages 3 to 7, and 8 or above, respectively. Panel h shows the sensitivity to inheritance (H(h′|h)), where the dashed line is for the variance parameter. Panels i and j show sensitivities to breeding success for ages 3 to 7, and ages 8 or above, respectively. Colours are red for intercept, black and grey for linear and quadratic SAM index effects, respectively, green for HL effects, and dark blue and light blue for linear and quadratic age effects, respectively. Note that the scale of the vertical axis in panel a is an order of magnitude larger than the other panels.