Extended Data Figure 5 : Ret expression increases after haematopoietic stress, and RET signalling increases CREB phosphorylation and cell survival.

From: The neurotrophic factor receptor RET drives haematopoietic stem cell survival and function

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Mice were sublethally irradiated. Irradiation-induced stressed HSCs were purified by flow cytometry at 72 h and analysed by RT–qPCR. b, RT–qPCR for fetal liver E14.5 Ret−/− and WT HSCs (n = 3). c, Confocal analysis of BCLxL expression in WT and Ret−/− HSCs. d, Flow cytometry analysis of Annexin V+ cells in cultured LSK cells. e, Flow cytometry of E14.5 Ret−/− and WT littermate controls. P-Akt (T308), P-S6 and PIP3: WT n = 6, Ret−/− n = 6. f, Flow cytometry analysis of LSK cells in the absence or presence of GDNF, NRTN or ARTN for 1 h (n = 6). g, Bcl2 expression in LSK cells upon GFL treatment and with different inhibitors, relative to LSKs treated with GFLs only. Light grey, isotype control. White bar, 5 μm. Error bars, s.e.m. * and **, P values for Student’s t-test lower than 0.05 and 0.01 respectively.