Extended Data Figure 3 : Gfra1-deficient embryos have normal LSK numbers and reconstitution potential.

From: The neurotrophic factor receptor RET drives haematopoietic stem cell survival and function

Extended Data Figure 3

a, Flow cytometry analysis of E14.5 Gfra1−/− and WT littermate control LSKs (top) and myeloid progenitors (bottom). b, Number of LSKs and total fetal liver cells. WT n = 9; Gfra1−/− n = 10. c, Gfra1−/− or WT cells were injected with a third-party CD45.1/2 competitor. Percentage of donor CD45.2 cells in blood 16 weeks after transplantation. WT n = 5; Gfra1−/− n = 3. d, Flow cytometry analysis of bone marrow LSK cells 16 weeks after transplantation. Error bars, s.e.m.