Extended Data Figure 5 : Sox2 deletion in the epidermis does not impair skin homeostasis but markedly decreases skin tumour initiation.

From: SOX2 controls tumour initiation and cancer stem-cell functions in squamous-cell carcinoma

Extended Data Figure 5

a, Genetic strategy used to study the role of SOX2 expression in tumour initiation. b, Protocol of repeated DMBA/TPA administration. c, Macroscopic pictures of control (Ctrl) and Sox2-deleted mice in all epidermal cells starting from embryonic development (K14Cre:SOX2fl/fl mice = Sox2 conditional knockout (cKO)). d, Immunostaining of K14 (green) and K10 (red) in control and Sox2 conditional knockout skin sections during adult homeostasis. These data show that Sox2 deletion does not impair skin differentiation under physiological conditions. e, Pictures of control and Sox2 conditional knockout mice following DMBA/TPA treatment. These data show that Sox2 conditional knockout mice have a marked reduction in the number of skin tumours. f, Co-immunostaining of K14 (green) and SOX2 protein (red) in papillomas, showing the absence of SOX2 expression in the rare skin papillomas arising in Sox2 conditional knockout mice. Scale bars, 50 μm.