Extended Data Figure 3 : Monomeric B. halodurans YidC.

From: Structural basis of Sec-independent membrane protein insertion by YidC

Extended Data Figure 3

a, The crystal packing of YidC27–266, viewed from the plane of the membrane. The molecule in the asymmetric unit is coloured red. b, The crystal packing of YidC27–267, viewed from the plane of the membrane. Two molecules (Mol A in light pink and Mol B in light blue) are in the asymmetric unit. c, The chromatograms show the ultraviolet (UV), refractive index (RI) and light scattering (LS) detector readings. The volume delays of UV between the other detectors were corrected. The traces were normalized to the peak maxima. The green and blue lines in the LS chromatogram indicate the calculated molecular masses of the protein–detergent complex and the protein, respectively. d, The RI of the mixture was measured in response to five concentration steps. The refractive index increment (dn/dc) of the mixture of DDM and CHS was determined using linear regression of the RI versus the concentration. e, The molecular mass values determined by SEC-MALLS and calculated from the amino acid sequence.