Nature 499, 306–311 (2013); doi:10.1038/nature12345

In Supplementary Fig. 13 of this Article, we inadvertently duplicated two of the representative retinal vascular flat-mount images. The wild-type P10 superficial plexus was duplicated and shifted approximately 10 degrees and displayed as the Lrg1−/− P10 superficial plexus. The wild-type P25 deep plexus was duplicated and inverted and displayed as the Lrg1−/− P25 deep plexus. The Supplementary Information of this Corrigendum shows the corrected Supplementary Fig. 13, in which the duplicated images have been replaced with representative images of the Lrg1−/− mouse P10 superficial plexus and the Lrg1−/− mouse P25 deep plexus. We have reanalysed all of the correct images and find our conclusions unchanged.